Monday, July 14, 2008

Further, Week-old Holiday Ramblings 1

Saturday: a day's lazy slobbing about at Len and Sue's after spending the night in a sleeping bag on their living room floor; we started out sleeping on a camping mattress but it deflated during the night. I half woke in the early hours incredably uncomfortable and convinced Merriol had shoved me off the mattress and onto the floor, so I sort of shoved back, and found that the floor just kept on going, before falling asleep again. I don't think either of us had a great night.

Tonight we are at the B & B we will be staying at for the next few nights. Big old stone farmhouse with some of the scariest wiring: the TV in our room is plugged into a socket which is, in turn, plugged into another socket via a length of 1.5mm core lighting cable, the flex for my bedside light just disappears into the wall - or possibly through the floor, I haven't peeled back the carpet to find out - though I am tempted.
The place is full of really nice antique furniture, the obligatory tea making facilities - and no coasters. Soon after getting into the room Merriol made me a cuppa and I spent three minutes wandering around the bedroom trying to work out how to safely put it down without leaving a ring on any of the posh wood. Luckily I spotted a shelf of Country Lifes, and chinsy interior decorating porn, and posh celebrity mags. I finally found a good use for a copy of Hello.

The kids are in the room next door with a big single bed each. Holly was delighted to find they had a television in the room and in the space of a few moments went from happy delighted six year old: "I've got a telly in my room! I got a telly in my room!" to her horribly accurate grumpy teenager impression when I pointed out there were only five channels - none of which were likely to be The Cartoon Network, Cebeebies, or Nickleodeon.

So we ended up watching the ITV News together.

Only five channels? When I were a lad...

[long pointless ramble about there only being two televion channels, which only came on in the afternoons and evenings - and were in black and white excised here].

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