Monday, July 14, 2008

Further, Week-old Holiday Ramblings 3 - Strangers on a Tram


We spent today wandering around Sheffield with four semi-naked children. (That's the equivalent of two full clothed children and two totally naked ones). We had gone in to meet up with Gaenor, Merriol's sister, and her family. The second stop on our shortened itinerary was the funky fountains at the Peace Gardens. The fountains there are set into a very well drained, shallow, bowl-like depression in the square. They are the most walkable-into fountains in the world; it's just pavement with water shooting up out of it.
The kids wanted to play - "Just round the edge!". We managed to get their shoes and socks off before they dived in but within minutes both sets of kids: Holly and Daisy, Thomas and Jacob were drenched to the skin. We did manage to get Daisy's dungarees off her before they were too wet, and Holly's jumper but otherwise they were fully clothed. They had a great time and within minutes had gone from splashing around the edges to standing, sitting and lying on the individual water jets.

And we had nothing to dry them with.

Then I had the only creative thought I've had all week and went into a charity shop over the road and bought some towels at 50p each. According to the women behind the counter they sell a lot of towels in that shop.

Later were coming back from town on the tram. Holly was keeping up her usual non-stop stream of impossible questions - What's this? what's that? why don't? etc.
Sitting across the aisle in the chairs opposite a middle aged-man watched us with barely disguised amusement. The tram slowed into a stop and he got up to disembark. As the doors opened he asked Holly: "Why don't you ask your Dad some hard ones, they've all been easy questions so far."

Without blinking Holly answered: "My Dad isn't that clever."

Next time, she can go buy the sodding towels.

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