Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm seeing the opticians on Saturday, apparently he needs to stick my head in a machine to see if I have glaucoma or not. A couple of weeks ago I went to have an eye test, a visit prompted mainly by my loosing both my pairs of glasses. And as a result of routine screening things the optician said there are a couple of indicators that point to me having a problem. The test I'll be doing on Saturday will be a definite yes or no. The reason he couldn't put my head in the machine last time was because it was, "In the other room". So whether he has to get it out specially, or we have to actually go to the 'other room' which for some unspecified reason was not get-intoable last week I don't know. All I know is I shouldn't look up words like 'glaucoma' on Wikipedia without having a stiff drink to hand. As you know, I don't drink. Scary - But enlightening! I never knew this before but apparently there is a part of the human eye called the 'zonule of Zinn' which sounds like something straight out of a Dr Seuss book. Which, come to think of it, is even more scary than the prospect of imminent blindness.

Well, I'll still have my ears. But not if I keep listening to crap like this.


Phoebe said...

As you have likely discovered, then it is generally considered manageable with medication. IF you have it at all.

My great grandfather had it. His doctors made some mistake and it progressed way too far before they treated it. He went blind before they treated it, basically. I remember him using the drops anyway.

My aunt was recently told she may have it, but after they went into their room here, they found she did not.

I also have precursors to Glaucoma. Just stay on it, and do what you gotta do. It will be fine.

Anonymous said...

They puff gas into your eyeball to test for it. Sounds rather grotesque but in the event is merely startling. I am sure you will be fine.

The zonule of Zinn - isn't that near to Shatner's bassoon?

Junk Monkey said...

I've had the eyeball puffing already. This is beyond eyeball puffing... we are talking about whatever is in 'the other room' here!

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