Friday, November 07, 2008

This is avoidance behaviour and a wee explanation of the lack of Blogging around here for a while.

I should be, at this very moment, pacing the living room floor waving my arms about, and ranting in a outrageous 'German' accent, or smarming about with an oleaginous grin. I am (or should be) trying to learn my lines for the play I'm doing the week after next. I'm getting paid to do this. For the next three weeks I'm a jobbing actor again with a real job! and, for once, I haven't been given screeds of dialogue; I have instead been given screeds of monologue. I'm not sure which is worse. At least I'll only have myself to blame if things go wrong this time. In this show I'm a really oily game show host, a madly OTT German scientist type (think Dr Stranglove), the Village Drunk, a singing Cockney Geezer, a Folky singer and - I'm sure there's another one - oh yeah, Teenage Rugger Bugger drinking boy.

And 'Dad'.

Must learn Lines.

Must learn characters.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I was thinking of you anyway and this makes it even more appropriate. You should read at least the first book of The Salterton Trilogy by Robertson Davies: Tempest Tost. It's all about the joys of (admittedly amateur0 dramatics. As one who has trodden the boards it made me laugh out loud! You'd love it!


Phoebe said...

Holy Schizophrenic Character Selection, Batman! Wait. Don't be Batman.

The Folky singer one really tickles me. Can't wait to see that pic.

Go back to pacing and waving. You have work to do.

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