Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finally got to the posh fish place for our delayed anniversary nosh last night, at five minutes before they shut and had a slap-up feed. Came home and had one of those horrendous loss of control, powerlessness dreams. Even though I had my back to all of the diners in the restaurant (apart from Merriol of course) and didn't see a single langoustine, even the close proximity of shellfish gives me nightmares.

In the dream I was somehow transported back to dull horrible Post-War 1947 Britain wearing my normal everyday 2009 clothes and, for some reason I can't remember, carrying a huge digital camera. After the usual horrible dream running around for a while getting chased by people, I realised I was stuck in 1947 and would have to find some way of making a living. I didn't even have any coins in my pockets (not that that would have done me any good because in 1947 they were still using Pounds, Shillings, and Pence). All I could think of were all the things I knew about the future: Buy IMB, Elvis and The Beatles would be really big, Superman's real name was Kal-El, Paul Foot would never be Prime Minister... but Ronald Reagan would become President of the USA - and I had absolutely no idea of how to exploit any of these fact because, though I knew how all of these things did happen, I had no idea how or why any of these things happened.
I had no idea how to buy IMB shares in 1947 (buying shares in Britain was, in those days, a game exclusively for the rich and semi-rich and played by an old-boys network to which I could never gain entrance.) Placing bets with huge odds on the result of (to me) foregone conclusions was a non-starter too as there were no betting shops until the 1960s. It was doubtful whether a backstreet bookie would even take an (illegal) bet on the outcome of the next US Presidential Election (Harry S Truman), let alone pay up when I won. I was stuffed. I woke up horrified about how shallow my knowledge is.

Meanwhile, over on the Name That Film (from an obscure still) Group over on Flickr, this screen capture which I had posted:

was correctly identified within minutes as coming from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

I am not alone.


Phoebe said...



Junk Monkey said...

Actually it's not from the opening credits. It's from one of Gilliam's animations later in the film.

Phoebe said...

Oh good grief. I knew I was taking a risk.

Monitors are different on every computer, you know!!!

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