Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday America, Happy Wedding Anniversary Us.

Merriol and I are going out. Together. Alone. No Kids. We are going out for a meal together, alone, with no kids. It's our seventh wedding anniversary. Merriol wants to do something 'a bit special' to mark the occasion. My initial suggestion of double helpings of macaroni cheese and chips at Tesco's cafe was not greeted with the unalloyed pleasure I was expecting. Apparently double helpings of macaroni cheese and chips at Tesco's cafe is not something enough. I have no idea what the particular 'something' it isn't is, as Merriol's disapproval of my plan was mostly expressed non-verbally, and from a different room. So we're going here instead, which is the best sea food place for miles.

Because it is a sea food place, Merriol is bound to order some giant multi-legged horror* and make slurping noises as she sucks the quivering flesh from its way too many legs while I stare at the picture on the wall behind her head, trying to eat my meal without looking down in case I catch a glimpse of whatever it is she's eating. (Please god, let them do steaks! - or macaroni cheese.) Gnyaaaa! I hate shellfish, especially the too many legged varieties. The snots in boxes I can cope with - just - but the scuttling buggers? no way.

I hope she's not planning on sex afterwards.

*Lobster, crayfish, earwig, something like that.


Phoebe said...

Uhhh... Happy Anniversary... ?

Phoebe said...

Did you have the pork? :)

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