Saturday, October 10, 2009

My kids talk. A lot. All the time in fact. Sometimes, as living proof of the validity of the Infinite Monkey Theorem, they say things which are variously scarily weird, funny, or just plain daft. Sometimes Merriol and I (but mostly Merriol) think to jot down the little darlings' pearls of surreal wisdom.

Daisy explains opera:
Daisy: "Opera just goes on and on until they get tired."

Holly: "No, Daisy, it's when they get sore throats."
Sometimes it's best not to ask:
"Mum! I need a hat and two chopsticks for something - an experiment."
Daisy sings a lot too:
Song: "My Love was in my heart - but then it walked away ... "
We have a lot of imaginary friends living in our house, each racks up dozens of birthdays a year. For some reason we are expected to do the catering:
"It's Tina's birthday party today and she wants ten thousand ... er ... ten thousand and ten ... er ... a hundred and ten ... a hundred and one. A hundred and one! That's how many sweets she wants and I can't count to a hundred and one -> sigh <- unless I start at a hundred. A hundred, a hundred and one, a hundred and two ... "
Holly and Daisy are in the middle of a game. Holly is pretending to be on the phone:
"What! Oh No! Okay, I'll tell her to be calm about it. Daisy? That was the doctor on the phone. He's coming round to take your leg off and and put another one in its place ... an artificial one."
Another Daisy song:
"Flying in the sunshine - woah! Who unplugged my plane stuck in the mud?"
Holly explains biology:
"The two boys and the girl (Smurfs) got married. So they are going to have lots of babies, eh? Two sperms!!"
Holly does religion:
"I prayed to G - O - D today to make midges vegitarians - they really annoy me."
Definitely don't ask:
"Mummy, can I get a calculator, and a laundry basket with holes in it? ... what? ... I NEED them!!"
Daisy told me she and her friends spent their break-times at school playing 'Supernoodle'. Like an idiot I asked what the rules were:
"The rules of Supernoodle are: you run around with a metal spoon with a plastic handle and you just run around like a loonican and shout "SUPERNOODLE"! That's all."
Holly (7) explaining Robin Hood to Eben (6 Months):
"Robin Hood gives to the poor; but if the poor have all the money he gives it to the rich."
I woke up this morning to this one. The kids are on the landing outside our bedroom watching early morning cartoons and getting incensed by the adverts for laser eye surgery:
Holly: "Three hundred and ninety nine pounds PER EYE! - That's more than a thousand pounds!"

Daisy: "I know."

She's right, they don't:
"Daisy, Dead Sea cucumbers don't fly."

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Anonymous said...

It's good that you're recording these gems for posterity so you can embarrass them when their teenagers.

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