Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am saying "Fuck!" a lot at the moment and wondering how much the car is going to cost to fix.

Merriol, and Holly have been away for a few days down in Sheffield and tonight Daisy, Eben, and I went to meet them at Bridge of Orchy station. It's a 45 minute drive up Glen Coe and across Ranoch Moor. The sort of scenery people come from all over the world to Scotland to see but a pain in the arse when it adds two hours onto a train journey to get you fifteen minutes closer to your destination. With me? No? Nor am I. Start again:

When people travel up on the train to us it makes sense for us to meet them at Bridge of Orchy station which is 45 minutes away to the south rather than Fort William (which is only 30 minutes away from us to the North) because it takes the train two hours to get from one to the other.

So, lots of heather, lots of mountains; beautiful scenery, some of it familiar the world over from such films as Braveheart, The Harry Potter, Highlander and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (it was big in India).

It's also full of deer.

I ran into a stag this evening. Coming back from picking Merriol and Holly up, just short of the Glencoe Ski lift (Rob Roy) Merriol spotted a group of deer off the side of the road . My eyes flick to the left to make sure none of them are coming our way and Bang! the stag of the group was right in front of me having leapt onto the road from the right. Big bang. Grip the steering wheel. Don't skid. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Lost the nearside headlight and cracked a big expensive looking panel on the front of the car. No blood or mess on the bodywork that I could see in the dark but tufts of hair sticking out of a couple of places. The stag ran off after I hit it. It may well be okay and just walk with a limp for a few days. Big tough things Red Deer. Bloody frightening experience though.

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