Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, the worldwide interweb is a wonderful and dangerous thing.

Looking up a minor actress on the IMDb this evening, while trying to work out why I had just spent nearly two hours of my life watching the incredibly dull vampire gangster film Innocent Blood, I stumbled over a film which not only starred Emilio Estivez's Uncle but also John Travolta's brother, Patrick Swayze's brother, Silvester Stallone's mother, and Burt Ward - who used to play Robin in the 1960s Batman TV show. What a cast!

I now have a compulsion to waste 75 minutes of my life watching Beach Babes From Beyond.

What I don't have a compulsion to do is send Silvester Stallone's mum a picture of my arse (and $125) to have it 'read'. Arses, apparently, can reveal much about your personality and your destiny. Don't take my word for it; visit her Rumpology Website and get that photo of your own behnid (sic) analysed by an expert.

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