Saturday, July 02, 2005


Tzar Nicholas II - for no other reason than it was the first (clean) picture I could find to test the picy uploading thingie

Down to the doc's this morning with my eye (and the rest of me) turns out I have conjuctivitis in the right eye and have to squirt evil gunge in it every day for a week.

"Don't be suprised if it gets into your left eye too." he said.
"I'll be careful not to rub the infected eye and then the other one." I said.
"No, it's not that. It might just go down your tears ducts, into your nasal cavity, and up the other side again."

I don't like this. I have illnesses wandering around my body looking for places to camp out!
"Hey guys, this is a nice place. Lets make some pus here!"

Called down at the Tourist Information Center this afternoon and bumped into Ilona and Andy who were supoosed to be away camping somewhere (weird people). Turns out they had heard a grinding noise from the front left wheel of their car and stopped to get it checked at the garage. The whole wheel bearing was fucked so they were sitting around waiting to get it fixed. I drove them to the garage after a while. The garage had got a new bearing but when they tried to fit it the whole assembly it's supposed to fit onto crumbled. Ilona only bought the car 6 weeks ago after her last one was turning into an expensive repair job on wheels.

Saturday tomorrow. A exciting day shopping with Merriol, both the kids, and the mother-in-law in tourist packed Oban. My life is so much FUN!

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