Monday, July 04, 2005

Sunday night

Spent most of the day re-arranging all the garbage around here and
discovered 3 dead computers that I had forgotten about under a pile
of boxes. This is pathetic! The pooters are
going to Ben who may salvage useful bits (leads etc.) from them -
There is a huge pile of books to crappy even to be
sold on ebay (I've tried) downstairs waiting for the Car Boot sale in
the Fort in a couple of weeks (25 pence each - 3 for a pound!) and we
are piling up another mountain of babystuff for Julia.
Slowly under this frenzied onslaught there seems to be some space
opening up. Phoebe and Tyler aren't coming for 9 months
and already I'm panicking about the state of the place!

Tomorrow I have to take Holly to nursery in the morning and see if I
can pick Merriol's pass so she can get into work. The Queen (God
bless her!) is opening the building next to where she works on
Tuesday (an event that has stirred up unparalleled amounts of apathy
around here - I knew I liked this place) and she needs a pass to get
to work. It will be interesting to see if they will let me pick it
up for here. I wonder if I can sell the story to one of the Tabloids
if I do. I can just see it now, "Shaven Headed Anarchist Breaches
Royal Security!"

Maybe not.

No work this week but I have to get things sorted for the Summer
Playscheme job thingie. I think I know what I am doing but I will
have to get my act together and do some preparation for this one. I
can't just walk in at the last minute and busk it like I normally do.
Dammit! (Is this what working for a living is like?) so between
sorting out last year's tax (arghhhh!) breaching royal security and
finding out if the floor is still there under all this garbage it
looks like I'm going to have a busy week.

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