Thursday, July 14, 2005

Woke up at 6 AM this morning to Daisy wailing the place down. I got out of bed to change her nappy, dropped it in the bin, put Daisy back in her cot, turned on the TV to the CBeeBies children's channel, waited till she was hypnotised enough for me to sneak away without noticing and then I snuck away without her noticing whilst supressing huge waves of EVIL PARENT GUILT for leaving my one year old glued to the telly just because I am so selfish as to need sleep. Then fell back into bed again.

Just before my head hit the pillow I heard my inner joke writer say:

"You think you got problems! I know an orphan with an Oedipus complex!"

Now where the hell do thoughts like that come from? I wish I knew and I could tap into it. I mean that's a funny line. Not a great all time belly-buster of a funny but it made me giggle. (It also made my mother laugh and my Dad want to kill me - but that's another story).

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