Friday, July 06, 2007

Knowing My Place In The Pecking Order Around Here

Yesterday Holly asked me what a 'Headmaster' was. I told her and then she wanted to know what 'head' meant, so I explained that it meant a boss person - someone who was in charge. I then jokingly (foolishly) asked both my kids who the head of our household was. As one they both said: "Mummy!"

Today after breakfast...

Holly, have you finished with your Rice
Crispies, or shall I put them in the duck food?

No, I've finished with them. Put them in the
duck food - or you could eat them.

Thanks Holly.

Some macho, territorial, pissing in the corners type activity coming up soon - as soon as I've got on top of the laundry and tidied things up a bit - and got the wife's tea on so it's hot when she gets in from the pub.

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Phoebe said...

That's a good boy.

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