Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It has not been a happy weekend. Our good friends Mike and Morag lost their baby on Saturday. The baby was several days overdue but, as far as everyone knew, healthy. Both Morag's boys were born several days late so no one was unduly concerned. Morag started labour on Friday night and went to our local hospital in Fort William. The contractions stopped, but that is is not uncommon. The baby was still moving well. On Saturday morning the baby's heartbeat became faint and Morag was rushed up to the Raigmore hospital in Inverness. The baby died on the journey.

It is hard to think about, though I have done little else over the last couple of days, and I'm finding it almost impossible to write about. For the amount of time I have spent going over this in my head I find it hard to put anything down that makes any sense. It is bewildering. I have no scheme of things to fit the death of a baby, I suspect very few people have. I am angry, confused, frustrated, bewildered - grieving. I'm glad I have never believed in god, because if I had I would have been burning down a church by now. There is nothing to say. Merriol and I have both been bursting into tears most of the weekend and I can't begin to comprehend what Mike and Morag must be feeling. They are the best people. They didn't deserve this. No one does.

Eva Anderson Pitt

28th July 2007



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Anonymous said...

As i hope you know - our thoughts and hearts go out to all of you right now... x

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