Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Occasionally, when I'm bored, I play a game called Inventing Confusing or Pointless Metaphors and Similes To be Used in The Staggering Work of Genius Novel I Am Determined To Write - One Day (But Not Soon). Today's winner was:
Pissing up a one way street.
I have no idea what it means - though I would guess it depends on which end of the street you are standing at the time - but it made me laugh.

But then again I think THIS is funny. No, wait, I'll go better than that I'll say it is very funny. It has to be the funniest thing I have heard in ages. I literally cried with laughter when I heard it.
You don't need (though it helps) to know it comes from an LP called The Two Pete's - Live At The Ever New Montague Arms recorded in 1981. The Two Pete's (sic) comprised "a blind keyboard player with more synths than Rick Wakeman and a drummer with a kit matched in scale only by his beard." This is their assault on 1970's standard Macarthur Park seguing into the ever brilliant Popcorn for a bit. I love both bits of music. They are both pieces of near indestructible kitsch; no matter what you do to them they come out the other side just as perky and clean as when they went in. These guys bash the hell out of them...

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