Friday, July 13, 2007

No news yet from Mr Plastics as to his 'Completely chemical-free' product. I will give them till Monday before I annoy them again. (This will be dead pure 100% displacement behaviour to avoid ringing the mighty and feared Tax office to enquire why their on-line Tax assessment form thinks I owe them EXACTLY the same amount of money they have already refunded me this year because I didn't earn enough money to pay any tax. I only bit the bullet and filled my return in now - instead of waiting till 20 minutes before the deadline as I usually do - because Merriol was threatening my testicles with heavy pointed objects if I didn't. Apparently it has something to do with the Insanely Complicated Family Tax Refund thing. They need to know how much money I don't earn last year before they can decide how much money not to give us next year.)

Part of the money I didn't earn last year is going to have to buy a new shower tomorrow. The old one has been getting weirder and weirder and would only go properly for a couple of 5 minutes before you had to lean out of the shower and turn the sink cold tap on and off rapidly till the low pressure water light came back on and the water started heating again. Alternatively you could turn the cold tap in the bath on and off. Turning the tap in the sink meant fighting with the clingy plastic shower curtain and leaving your arse sticking under the still running shower getting slowly chilled. Twiddling the bath taps meant having vast quantities of cold water plunge your feet into hypothermia. (Leaning over to avoid getting them splashed was at best ungainly, at worst dangerous in a slippery bath, and either way left your arse sticking under the still running shower getting slowly chilled). I preferred the sink method.
Yesterday one of our Couchsurfing visitors nearly had a breakdown trying to get the thing to work.
Today I found the manual, tracked down the one consumer serviceable part inside the thing, and serviced it - only to kill the shower stone dead.

Off to Oban tomorrow to buy plumbing bits.

Meanwhile, my apologies for any useful links I may have temporarily lost as I fiddle with the appearance of the blog. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Though given my history of servicing things today, don't hold your breath... Cheer yourself up with the weakest pun I think I have ever come up with over on tonight's entry on my cartoon blog.

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