Thursday, March 02, 2006

Air Is Just Very Dry Water

Busy busy week doing house stuff. Merriol is signed off work for two weeks and is abed, ordered to stay there for as long as possible doing as little as possible. This means I am doing as much of everything else as possible, which means I am neglecting the blog something chronic. Sorry about that, blog.

Meanwhile Holly has discovered a rich seam of random surreality which has, so far this week, manifested itself in the very strange "Snail Dance", and something called "Fish Pumping". Neither of which bear repeating in polite company.

There are moments though when I wish I had a video camera permanently strapped to my head, or maybe not:

There are two Boys in my nursery called Lewis, aren't there?

Really? What's the other one called?

(Long, long pause as she stares at me and wonders if this
idiot she calls 'Daddy' is really related to her) - Lewis?


1 comment:

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Fish Pumping. I'm sure it can make money somewhere...

(in Best Possible Dolly Parton voice)
Darlin', you just have to tell me when we should come visit!

We have 4 nights in London reserved. Leaving Tuesday March 21. After that we're not sure - but we should talk!!!

OMG! We're gonna be there!!!


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