Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There's a Piglet Sticker in My Shoe

Phoebe and Tyler arrive tomorrow! We got a phone call last night to say that they would be coming up on the Sleeper on Tuesday Night. This gives me exactly 24 hours to get this place looking like it has been tidied up at least once in the three years since they were last here.

I'm too tired to tidy up. 90% of my time is spent wiping snot off Daisy's face. I have no idea how small children can produce so much snot. It's incredible. More comes out than goes in. Astronomers have been long puzzled by the thiness of matter in the universe. If current comsological thinking is correct there should just be more stuff in the Universe than we can see. Nobody knows where this missing stuff is, this so called "Dark Matter".

I know.

It's up babies' noses waiting to come out.

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