Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day four of rehearsalising. Blocked the end of the show and then had a run through. Just to finish off the day, we did a line run which very quickly collapsed into a 'Let's see who can make their lines sound as smutty as possible and put everyone else off' session. Oh we had fun. It took weeks last year before we were at this level of stupidity. It's almost like the sort of cabin fever mentality that sets in towards the end of a long tour and I can't quite work out what is going on. We are either going to get on like a house on fire and just have a great great time with this, or they will find all our dismemebered bodies strewn around an abandoned car in the middle of the moors. The last surviving member of the team clutching a bloody tyre lever and babbling incoherently. Could go either way.

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