Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Have You Got A Round Thing I Can Put A Stick Through?

Last couple of days of rehearsal. We are off tomorrow up to Inverness to let the people who are paying for all of this see the show and work with us on the workshop that follows it. We did a couple of good runs at it this morning and spent the afternoon tweaking bits that needed tweaking (IE adding more acting.)

Now with added acting!

Even having done the show last year I feel terribly under-prepared. I suppose one of the advantages of being stuck in a strange town with no compny but the script, as I was last year, is that I got time to learn the bugger. This year I was initialy very happy to be rehearsing close to home but it's turned out to be a bit of a hinderance. I just don't get any time to sit with the script and get the thing bashed into my head. Yesterday for example, Dan had some sort of seisure/spasm/fit in the afternoon and ended up being taken into A&E. He was gaving a session with his speach therepist when he "felt a bit funny - and woke up in the ambulance". Mum got a call to say he was in the hospital and since my Dad had had a couple of beers and couldn't drive, I took her in. By the time we had seen him (he seemed fine when we got there, sitting up in bed having a coffee and a slice of chocolate cake), been round to his house to check everything was switched off and locked up (it was), and phoned his home helps to tell them what had happened (they already knew, and had done the locking up and switching off) it was gone 10 and I was knackered. Last thing I wanted to do (could have done) do was sit and memorise lines. I just wanted to go to bed. I went to bed.

I got made 'Team Leader', despite trying to hide under the table when the decision was being made. This means I have the final word on what happens when the inevitable fuck-ups happen ("I say we swim for the shore and alert the Coastguard!") I hate responsibility. I wonder how much I can deligate?

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