Thursday, September 14, 2006

Did the show for the money this afternoon. Everyone was a little nervous. Energy levels were good during the performances but the wheels came right off the show at one point. Claire and I stood there doing goldfish impressions in front of the people who were paying. Somehow 10 minutes into the performance Claire had timewarped us forward 30 minutes to the end of the show - and neither of us could figure out how to get back to the scene we should have been in. Sarah whispered the line Claire was flailing for from offstage and we were back on track but it was a horrible few moments. Came home knackered. We still have some serious work to do on this thing. And we have tomorrow to do it in.

Got home to find Merriol had had a rotten day; including the news that the company that took over the hotels a few months ago (ie her employers) have just gone into 'Administration'. I have no idea what 'Administration' means in this context but the fact that it was reported on the national news doesn't bode well. She went to a staff meeting this evening where various grades of managers told everyone not to panic and stop stealing whatever wasn't nailed down.

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Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Gawsh. Sounds like your lives are turning into one of those nightmarish episodes of the "the Office" - yes Tyler and I have been trying to watch it to be cool like you guys. But it's very hard to do. It's so painful. Too close to reality.

I hope your "Team Leader" thing goes well, and that the "Administration" doesn't start handing out layoffs.

How is Dan? I'm fretting...

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