Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dad? Can I Secretly Watch Some Telly?

Rehearsal tonight for the Panto. Everyone is horribly more off script than I am which is pretty usual as I do have this horrible horrible habit of leaving learning my lines till the last possible minute, but we did some good work tonight blocking out the scene in which The Dame and I end up doing the tango round her kitchen table. Mike wrote this scene and it is very funny. Lots to play with verbally as well as physically. Some great jokes and plenty of space for slapstick.

I must learn my lines. I must learn my lines. I must learn my lines.

Despite saying I will do NOTHING other than act (and learn my lines) tonight, I somehow contrived to say I would make a pair of stilts for the Giant. As it is, she is the shortest giant ever seen on stage anywhere in the western world despite our attempt to make her look bigger by only having her on stage with short kids playing mini-me versions of the adult parts. (It looked good on paper). I now have to work out how to make her a pair of hands free stilts that aren't going to catapult her off stage into the audience. I am my best worst enemy.

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Killer Pussy - Teenage Enema Nurse In Bondage (4:14)

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Olive (or is it?) said...

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