Sunday, November 18, 2007

There's been another outbreak of Interior Decorating Porn in the house as a copy of Ikea Family Live has turned up (possibly connected to the swift pilgrimage to the great Swedish altar of meatballs, and things with funny names Merriol made earlier in the week.) I get a curious, yet pleasurable, bewilderment from reading the strange semi-detached English these magazines are written in. I presume it's English.
'The MANDAL headboards allows a personal sleeping zone as well as giving status to the bed area.'
I think that means, "it's a bed!".
"When I draw the curtain I've hung beside it, I feel cocooned in my sleep zone."
What the hell is a 'Sleep Zone'? It's weird. Nothing else in the magazine is referred to as a Zone there are no Cooking Zones, or Relaxing Zones, or Nose-picking Zones mentioned, which is surprising everything else seems to be labelled and cordoned off. TV areas, relaxing areas, everything painted white with lots of drawers and 'storage systems', and 'space saving solutions' (shelves) to tidy everything away.
Very big on tidy are Ikea.
The magazine has articles showing ideal Ikea homes from around the world. China, France, Holland, Germany - and they all look the fucking same! Sterile (tidy) white boxes with no personality at all. One of my most treasured books is a little gem of a thing called Tokyo Style. I have no idea what it is really about as it is written in Japanese but that doesn't matter that much because the text is incidental. It's a picture book, page after page of photos of interiors of Japanese houses, no people just house interiors - real house interiors and they are all messy. Very messy. Huge piles of things piled on piles of other things, unmade beds, tottering heaps of stuff that reach up to the ceilings and fill every available square inch of wall space. It's brilliant. Whenever I get depressed about the state of this place, I go and look at a few pages. It cheers me up instantly. Gets things in perspective. What I need is Interior Undecorating ideas.

Dave Bowman utilizes the space-saving OBLISQ Storage System
to define his sleep zone

I'm off to my low status personal sleeping zone.

Oh, I did a cartoon tonight as well to make up my NobloPumpo shortfall of the last few days

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