Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Never work with Animals or Children". One of those standard (fake?) theatrical maxims. I had always assumed it meant that you were going to be upstaged by the cute little tykes whatever you did and so might as well just phone your part in - but now I have come to suspect it's a health and safety issue. Small children are microbial delivery systems. Pathogen filled Excocettes, vectors for just about every bug going and a healthy experimental breeding ground for new and interesting varieties. After mixing with 60 or so of the little darlings for a week on the show I first succumbed to a case of the galloping trots ("Quick Watson! Fetch your revolver and some newspaper!") and now have a healthy dose of a grade A finestkind head cold. No blog entry last night because I was in bed by 8pm falling asleep to a deliriously bad Spaghetti SF film called Battle of the Worlds.

It's now 7.52. Time to climb back in and fast forward to the last bit I remember...

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