Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another cartoon tonight. A stupid thought I had at tea time drawn, redrawn, tweaked and fiddled with, printed out and shown to Merriol who, after pointing out a previously unseen obvious physical impossibility of a part of the drawing, didn't laugh at it.

Back to the computer.

More drawing to correct the now glaringly obvious obvious physical impossibility and swithering about a hyphen in the caption - put it in, stare at the screen, take it out, ... funnier with? funnier without?... funnier with?...

Fifteen minutes later I finally convince myself it needed the hyphen (I may take it out tomorrow) and then, with great care and ceremony, I placed my handcrafted baby in its own special little niche in the Hall of Bright Cartoonings, where no human eye has ever set foot, to gather dust unseen forevermore.

I was giggling myself stupid all the time.

I am very easily amused.

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