Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stuff me! I managed to get a cartoon done. It's not very funny (probably even less funny if you know what the hell it's about), and it took my all bloody night but it was nice to get playing with Illustrator again. Amazing how much I had forgotten in the couple of weeks since I last played with it.
The kids are back at school after the Christmas holidays, the house is slowly, descending into the normal realms of chaos (which is same realm of chaos as we've been living in for the past couple of weeks but with less tinsel) which threatens to get deeper by the minute as we rearrange everything to make enough space to get the upstairs toilet built. By this time next week the plumbers will be in! Knocking holes in our walls, digging up the garden, and drinking vast amounts of tea. A week after that I will be building walls and cupboards and doing all sorts of woodworky things to hide all the pipes again. It's so long since I built anything I hope my hands remember what to do because my brain sure as hell doesn't. All the bits of my brain that used to be able to work things out, and measure things semi-accurately and then make something vaguely like I intended, are now totally occupied with, getting the kids to school, and wondering what we are going to have for tea, and packing school dinners, and hoovering etc. etc. (actually that part, the hoovering part, used to be devoted to thinking about nuclear fission and schemes for global Domination. I don't do a lot of hoovering - but when I do, I get some really dangerously great ideas about how to make the hoover suck more powerfully). I hope the knack will just come back to me like the Illustrator skills did after a while. We'll find out. If I post pictures in a couple of weeks with I MADE THIS! written all over it, you'll know it did. If I don't, you'll know it didn't. And if this post vanishes you'll know I really fucked it up and had to get someone else in to fix it all.

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