Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mike and Morag's computer has thrown a complete wobbly. Won't boot won't do anything except go round in small circles. Won't even let us reinstall XP. Last time this happened they ended up paying people to get the thing back on its feet and working. Luckily most, if not all, of their unbacked up stuff was still there when it was bought back to life. Mighty oaths were sworn about backing up EVERYTHING before it happened again.

It's happened again - and they'd never got round to doing it.

Last time this happened to Mike and Morag's computer Merriol and I swore mighty oaths that we would immediately go home and start backing up all the photos of the kids and all the other never-to-be-lost stuff on our computer. We've never got round to it either.

We've started tonight

1 comment:

Phoebe said...

Yeah. Good for you.

Poor M&M...

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