Sunday, February 03, 2008

Money making idea of the week:

I want to produce an edible newspaper. Print it on rice paper, or wheat paper, or whatever with edible, flavoured inks and, when you've finished reading it, you just put it through a shredder and have it with milk for breakfast.

I'm thinking of calling it The Newsli.

I'll get my coat.



Vanessa said...

hi, this is a bit random but I googled "mistress of the Atlantis" as I am trying to rent it to talk about it in a lit. class (we are reading the book) and came acress your blog...Can I ask you where wee you able to rent/see it? thanks! Vanessa

Junk Monkey said...

Not sure if you'll ever read this but the version I saw came in a (very cheap) pack of 50 movies on 12 discs called Nightmare Worlds. Loads of them on eBay for less than 20 dollars for the whole set.

Phoebe said...

tyler even laughed at this idea

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