Saturday, February 07, 2009

I bought some DVDs today. Blockbuster's second hand bins are four movies lighter than they were this morning. Nothing spectacularly interesting but I do now have a copy of Citizen Kane which means I can bin my ratty old VHS copy - complete with 1980s commercials.

One of the movies I bought for the princely sum of £2.50 was Atonement. I don't know what DVD cases are like in the rest of the world but UK boxes come with a little panel that gives anxious parents the opportunity to have a guess at the bits they might not want their kids to see. Warnings that the film 'Contains language' have often baffled me. Unless the film is acted only by penguins, molluscs, or people from Birmingham of course it's going to contain language, how else are the actors going to communicate? Atonement's little box promises that it

'Contains very strong
language, bloody injuries
and moderate sex

I am so glad that that has never happened to me.

But then again, I know better than to ask...

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