Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shopping in Oban today, fuelled by one of my Damn The Torpedoes! Full Cholesterol Ahead! It's The Weekend! breakfasts* I came across this wonderful piece of packaging. (I get irony migraines from this sort of thing.)

Interior: Overly-designed Office: Day


How do we make a deep fat fryer
look wholesome and healthy?

Advertising Wanker:

How about we put happy white people eating Pasta
on the box. Spaghetti maybe, or possibly linguine .


Deep fried spaghetti?

Advertising Wanker:

Could be deep fried, could be...
I'll get a focus group together...

*Eggy bread fried in butter topped with crispy grilled bacon drowned in a shitload of maple syrup - the kids loved it.)

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