Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chocolate Chip Sausage Rolls!

I fell asleep during the day today. I'm not sure for how long but I flopped down for a moment on the sofa with Holly and Daisy, blinked and the room was suddenly twice as messy. Spent the rest of the day gulping coffee by the bucket.

The Panto script is coming on slowly, which is a bit of a pity as Ilona is wanting a finished(ish) script by Sunday. Mike came over today and we filled in a few gaps and measured the ones that still remained. I spent most of the evening hard at work in front of the pooter and after about 3 hours, in a flurry of highly focused and well diciplined displacement behavior, I had spaced everything very neatly and got rid of 99% of the little squiggly underlining that Word shoves under things Bill Gates doesn't like. Then, as an afterthought, I added about 5 jokes - 3 and a half of them Ilona will want to take out - (the other one and a half I will want to take out) then Merriol sat and poked me with a stick until I did some real work.

Current Listening - The Hokey Pockey Disco (I may be developing some sort of self-inflicted brain damage listening to this stuff)

1 comment:

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Must be PMS - because a chocolate chip sausage roll sounds mighty good to me right now.

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