Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Holly was a darling today - for the short time I saw her. I slept in late this morning having been up untill 2.30 am script wrestling, and then up again at 4.30 (Daisy having woken up not feeling too good decided to howl the place down) and I only saw Holly a for a short while this evening while we did the bath and bed routine. A lot happier than yesterday.

Tonight we had a read through of the script with Mike , Ilona, Ilene and a few other bods whose names I didn't catch - or immediatly forgot. I am so bad with names. If anyone out there is doing research on bad name memory I would love to have my head scanned to see if the name bit of my brain is actualy there - this total inability to remember names only extends to people I have actualy met. I can remember names of all sorts of people as long as I have never met them. Helps if they have unusual names of course. What made The Usual Suspects a truly enjoyable and memorable film for me was the fact that a member of the special makeup team was called Yolanda Squatpump

If ever I change my name again I want to be called Squatpump. Liam Squatpump. I like it. Liam and Merriol Squatpump and their children Holly, Daisy, and Potato Squatpump.

Looks like Mike and I will have to add two more scenes to the Panto.


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