Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Fox Might Bite Me But I Would Do An Exploding Poo On Him


Shopping + 2 kids + 90% tourist density in small coastal town = not a living hell. I mean compared with working on the Burma railway, or cleaning out toilets at the Glastonbury Festival it's pretty easy but it got off to a bogging stupid start when, after crawling into Oban at anything up to 3 miles an hour behind all the tourists, I turned left a street too early, and, instead of arriving in the little known and untouristy car park I was aiming for, we ended up stuck in the Smallest One Way System in the World* which fed me back to the outskirts of town where we had been 20 minutes before.

Do not pass Go do not collect £200 Pounds,Dollars, or Eurogroats.


Added another joke to the Panto and stole this:Funniest thing I have seen for ages to help fill in the bit where Bling The Merciless is overpowered by the girl.

* This is a lie (but not much of one).

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Boegle said...

Are some of your titles quotes from Holly? They are inspired. Dang!

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