Monday, August 15, 2005

early morning birthday party (22)

Woke up this morning to find Daisy had been Smurfed. She was covered in blue felt pen. It was everywhere. Holly and she had had a great time. (Holly paying particular attention to colouring in Daisy's tummy button - and a damn fine job she did of it too. It'll take days till Daisy is all pink and baby-coloured again).


We had a script read through today and the Panto is not as finished as we thought it was (apparently there is something called a 'story' we have to insert somewhere. 90 minutes stream of conciousness type surreal smut just won't do - dammit).

On the upside people laughed where we were expecting them to (which is always gratifying) and the nice people over at said it was OK to use the song. Thank you Claire.

Final day's painting at Dan's tomorrow (I hope).

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