Friday, August 05, 2005

I Can Smell Something Smelly

New theory about people who drive at a constant and exact 40 mph (and there are a lot of them about).

For years my Dad has had this theory that someone (probably The Reader's Digest) published a statistic that showed that 50% of accidents occurred above 40mph, 50% happened below 40mph.
"Aha!" Thought a whole generation of flat-cap wearing, middle-aged Morris Minor drivers," No accidents happen at exactly 40mph!"

Having been stuck behind several of this type of driver recently I have made the observation that they often have small dogs in the car with them. Small, yappy dogs. You know the kind, the colour of used dishcloths with poo-stained bum-holes.
I'm convinced these people think their dog will explode if they drive to fast.

Merriol says she hates it when I work alone for too long. ApparentlyI have too much time to think about stuff like this.

I came up with conclusive proof that the lost tribes of Israel are Peruvians as well today, but it's essentialy a visual proof. Remind me and I'll get back to this...

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Phoebe J. Southwood said...

please don't forget the visual proof!!!

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