Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Been twiddling my thumbs waiting for this but I got offered the acting job! Hurrah! 10 weeks work! Merriol is spending the money already - mostly on child care (to cover the fact that I am not going to be here to look after the kids) and on the new bathroom. Co incidentaly Fraser who built most of the insides of our house came round tonight to borrow my scaffold tower and we talked him into doing it for us.

Finally got to flop on the sofa and watch a movie for the first time in weeks: Orson Welles' Confidential Report.

Someone I knew a few years ago and I haven't seen for a long time, got killed in a car crash last week and I found out today. He was a nice bloke. I remembered he used to be good friends with Jeannie W (girlfriend before Merriol) and tracked her down and gave her the news - well, I gave her husband the news and ran away without leaving my phone number. She later phoned back having tracked me down via the same website I used to find her

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