Thursday, July 21, 2005

Two Ice Lollies and a Packet of Crisps

Tonight I watched The Killer Shews. Tomorrow I may ask myself: "Why, when I have 83 bejillion really GREAT movies I could be watching, am I rotting my brain with total drek like this?"

Bloody good question. It's the same reason that people slow down when they pass car wrecks and try not to peek at the carnage I guess. I like Car Crash Movies.

Finished my Playing with Kids for Money job today - 2 hours trying to engage a room full or 6 -11 year olds. All the boys wanted to do was hit each other and roll around on the floor together (I just DO not understand boys). One of the 6 year old girls stood and cried the whole time I was there, and some of the smaller boys had the attention spans of lower order invertibrates (I guess that's why they all had short names like 'Joe' and 'Jim'. If they didn't they would forget who they were).

I don't often get paid 20 pounds an hour but I felt I earned it today. Still, I now have a nice looking Advanced Disclosure certificate from the police which means I'm officialy not a pervert - which is nice to know. I look at it from time to time to reassure myself. "Yep, I'm still officially not a pervert."

Tomorrow I do my Tax and get all the paperwork sorted out for the Insanely Complex Working Families Tax Credit thing. I don't even claim to understand what the Insanely Complex Working Families Tax Credit thing about or how it works but I think we end up getting money from the Government for having reproduced recently.

Which is nice, but a bit scary.

Tomorrow I will watch a good movie. I promise. One without rubber monsters or large breasted women getting wet for no apparent reason, or even large rubber breasted women getting wet for very good reasons. Something with a bit of class (something with a plot!). I can do this...

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