Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Re: 'World War II Movies With Nudity?'

Zombied in front of the telly tonight and tried to find something to watch that didn't involve auctions, house improvements, or a bunch of arsewholes (sic) involved in some 'experiment' (ie stuffed together in a totaly artificial environment as supposedly invisible camera crews capture every tedious detail of every pointless little squabble). I failed.

Next week on Channel 4, "The Real Experiment" 15 highly paid TV execs are locked in the Big Brother house with 15 of Britain's most annoying non-celebs (draw your own list, but that Day-Glo orange twat who presents "Bargain Hunt" has to go in).

The first one to come up with an original idea gets to live.


The Glitter Chronicles.

Merriol's obsession with glitter is well known. Everything in this house has a thin scattering of teeny tiny, very shiny specks (and that goes for a 5Km radius around it too - like Chenobil but pretty).

Daisy was less than an hour old before I spotted the first speck of glitter on her, and we were in a hospital 80 miles away from home! Just now I started to run myself a bath and thought I would treat myself with some bubbles* - there's sodding glitter in the bubble bath!


What earthly reason ever could there be for putting glitter in bubble bath? All it's going to do is go down the plughole, and then eventualy into the sea where it is going to confuse fish who will eat it thinking they are getting a meal - very small fish I admit, but even very small fish fish have enough problems without great washes of tempting pseudo-food drifting around in front of their noses.

*no candles though - I'm not that much of a Mum yet.

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