Sunday, July 24, 2005

What do I want for Christmas? - A large extended family with money

Lying in bed this morning trying to read Horry Patter and the Telephone Directory From Hell over Merriol's shoulder without letting her know I was reading it, I suddenly realised that there weren't that many lines on the page (there are 35, I counted. I am a sad sad man) it looks like it's double spaced when compared to other hardbacks. Henry Porter and the Encyclopedea Brittanica isn't that big a book really and if Dumbledore had been called something shorter like Fred ("Grand Arch-wizard Fred"- I like it!) it would have been even shorter.

Bit of a party for Daisy this afternoon which, due to our usual careful planning - I mean who else would have their babies in the middle of the holiday season and expect anyone to be around to come to the birthday party? - ended up being a quiet affair with not a lot of people and lots of food. Nice hot sunny day. The kids had fun, Holly and Naomi ate gallons of jelly which, when all is said and done, is what being 3 is all about really.

Pooed off this evening to find a movie I just bought on DVD, Carnival of Souls, is on the Telly tomorrow night. Poo!

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