Friday, August 26, 2005

Daddy, You Tell A Story; Mummy, You Come And Lay An Egg

An insanely busy day in which not a lot got done. However, at some point during my day-long frantic blue-arsed fly impression, I did find a moment to look at the counter at the bottom of this blog and noticed that I could see the people who had visited broken down by continent.


I took a look, and next to a huge multi-coloured pie chart was this legend:

America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Other... other? What Others? Those are the continents! The lost continents of Lemuria and Mu? Maybe the Man From Atlantis was reading my blog! Hey! Bobby Ewing is reading my Blog! Uber Fucking Double SuperCool and Groovy!

Then I realised that South America and Antarctica were missing off the list. So 'Others' covers 371,754,813 or so people and a fuck of a lot of penguins.

So 'Hola!' South America and 'Eek Squeek Flapflap fish-smell flap flap EEk!' Antarctica.


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