Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In My Africa There Are No Crocodiles Only Pink Ones With No Teeth

Shit! Just Typed a HUGE blog for today but my browser crashed taking all my hard work to oblivion (or somewhere even further away) Knob! Knob! Knob!

To precis (it's late)

Tried to finish the online Tax Return - I got it all finished and when I tried to submit it I got some very strange error messages "The Government is broken please try later" so I don't know if I've submitted it or not. This happened once before and I had to phone them up.
"Did you get it?" I asked.
"Yes we did, "said the nice lady from the tax office after she had pulled up my details on her screen,"we got it at at 9:15 pm, 9.18 pm, 9.19, 9.21... - you're persistant, aren't you?"

Near death experiences with tourist drivers so far this week Part 1 (it's only Tuesday)
Twat of the week French driver cut across me at a roundabout then, totaly freaked at the prospect of a left turn, managed to forget we drive on the left and manouvered himself into the path of two lanes of oncoming traffic before cutting back across onto the correct side of the road - right in front of me again. It's scary - I mean this car had French plates so unless they had it parachuted into Scotland they must have driven this thing on British roads for several hundred miles already. Dover must be fun.

Current Listening - The incomperable Wooshie Spkamoto!

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