Monday, August 22, 2005

Look A Snail, My Lady!

At some point today, somewhere between mopping the kitchen floor and putting both my leathermen in the dish-washer, it occurred to me that all the SF films I had ever seen were wrong.

When the robots do take over they won't speak with a well modulated deep menacing (but slightly modified to give it a metalic resonance) american voice like they do in the movies. No, when they finally march up the high streets of the world and make their demands of the world's leaders "Resistance is futile - Mwahahahahaha!" going to sound like this.

Terrifying isn't it? Maybe that's the only thing stopping them taking over already; the lack of a decent evil-laugh synthesiser.

This was the only possibly original thought I had all day.

My kitchen floor is nice and clean though.



Anonymous said...

When I visit, may I hand wash your leather men, pleeease.

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Eww! I hate the creepy ad comments! so evil! I got nailed by those, too. I just throw them away.

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