Thursday, August 24, 2006

I realised today that I don't have long to enjoy being with the kids before I'm away slogging around the country thesping at adolescents (and thank you Phoebe for reminding me of Legs Akimbo - I really needed that!) so today was spent playing and housework and being Mr Mom.

This evening, because Merriol made me (when I say 'made me' I mean she sent me the URL), I have been spending wayy to much time here downloading electronic cheesy listening onto my phone, including such delights as Henri Mancini soundtracks, batchelor pad bongo music albums and Meco! (remember the disco version of the Star Wars theme? - No? Well, if you are as old as I am you do. Tut! Youth of today? Don't know what they're missing.) ... anyway, Mr Meco also 'did' The Wizard of Oz. A disco version of the Wizard of Oz! How can I have lived so long and not known? I mean just how gay IS that? Hang on, I'll just wire it up to the trusty old gayometer and find out... Zoing! Off the scale! The needle shot over to the pink and stayed there.

Tomorrow Merriol is taking the day off work (presumably to pack) this will be let me spend the day hammering long lumps of metal into interesting shapes and nailing flat rocks onto the roof.

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