Thursday, August 31, 2006

Monkey Lobsters Don't Like Penguins So They Won't Come Here

Flopped on the sofa last night and watched Star Trek VI: the undiscovered plot. Jeezo, what a steaming pile of dog crap! Spent till far too long into the night fulminating about it on IMDb: here. And have been half asleep all day.

Why? Why do I keep watching Star Trek Movies? I know they are going to be crap and yet I keep coming back for more. My capacity for crap movies in near boundless but there is something about Star Trek movies that makes me angry and irritable. I think it is because they are fat and lazy. Most truly bad movies are either made by earnest wannabees who, when it comes to it, don't have a clue or professionally cheap production line, nobody cares about anything but making a quick Dollar, schlock. Coreman, Nu Image, Troma - that bunch. The Star Trek films have no excuse. They have shitloads of money, attract decent cast and crew, above average SFX, and yet turn out stinker after stinker based on stupid scripts riddled with plot holes and people doing stupid things just to keep the story going. I think it's because they don't have to try. They don't have to impress anyone. They have a secure market. The gazzillion Trekoids will buy anything, and then spend years posting crap like this twaddle on the boards:
"the alien Kirk kicks in the "knee" (during the hand-to-hand at Rura Penthe) is either a Jem'Hadar (from DS9) or a close relative? There are slight differences-- Jem'Hadar are gray-skinned, not so big, and (apparently) have no sexual organs. They also speak English very well. Is it possible that the Founders visited Klingon space and picked up this guy's family?"

It's a Fucking Movie! Grow up! Have sex with someone other than yourself! Get a Life!

(I'm shouting at the computer? I need to go to bed.)

Anyway, I guess it keeps them off the streets and fiddling with each other in public.

Len and Sue arrived today and the kids were delighted to see them. I start rehearsals for the play on Monday. I suppose I had better look at the script. Only joking, Ilona! (I have to find it first.)

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