Monday, August 28, 2006

Roof nearly finished. The scaffolding goes tomorrow after Fraser finishes the last of the leadwork. Hurray! I will have my yard back. Things will get back to normalish again - well, after I have gone over and over and over the ground beneath the scafflding making sure there are no nails left lying around, because the scaffolding is plonked just where we usually park the car and, in the normal way of things on building sites, everything that was in the way up on the scaffolding - including loads of, old, bent, or dropped nails just got swept, dropped, or kicked out of the way to fall just where the car would be if we hadn't been parking it elswhere for the last couple of weeks. Last thing we need is to have a puncture. So when Fraser has all his stuff out of the way I'll have to go over the whole area with a fine toothed comb and find all of them all again. I'm trying to work out some way of turning it into a game for the kids. Magnets may be involved. Magnets on bits of string...

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Anonymous said...

Hi JM, just to say that Thomas Sutcliffe used the word 'pawky' in his TV review in today's Indy

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