Friday, April 18, 2008

New readers Start Here:

This blog has been nominated as a best blog over at in the Best Daddy Blog category. (In a moment of shameless self-promotion I nominated myself. It's in the rules; it's allowed.)

So, confidently expecting a doubling of my readership here, I would just like to take this moment to welcome both of you with a quick rundown of the Dramatis personæ:

Liam (me)
- 48 year old, sometime actor, full time stay at home dad to:

- aged 5, inventor of 'Fish Tennis', tragic comedienne, and big sister of:

- aged 3, surreal interior decorating master who, together with mum:

- (aged XX) who spends her time throwing herself in front speeding piles of NHS paperwork in order to allow doctors to actually see patients occasionally, all live in a semi-converted Victorian School (with inadequate comforts) on the wetter side of a tallish mountain in Scotland.

My parents live next door; Merriol's parents live about 300 miles away. We have two ducks in the yard.

This blog is a way for me to keep sane, and let off steam, and reassure myself I am capable of coherent thought after a long day looking after the psychotic dwarfs that are my children.

It not is here to promote any great ideas I may have once had. It is here purely to keep me sane. With only the kids to talk to for most of the day -
"Daisy, can Daddy listen to some of his music now? We've had the Lazytown CD on three times now? Pleeeaaase!"
- I need a lifeline to cling too,
a little project that I can work on and half-write in my head during the day while my body, and what's left of my brain after six years of child-caring, gets on with the tedious routines of the day.

It's that or think about naked ladies more than I do.

So here I am, and here is where I waffle on about my love of dreadful SF movies - I suspect I just lost one of you - acting, my kids, my unintentional attempts to get a Darwin Award, scriptwriting, my cartoons, the infrequently annual No Shit Sherlock Awards for statements of the blindingly obvious, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

Soon I will ask you to vote for me over at in the most pitiful and pathetic looking font I can find - the results to be announced sometime before the Zimbabwean election results finally come in.

If I make the short list.

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