Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This morning after dropping Holly off at school, it being an unusually not raining and sunny day, Daisy and I spent a little longer than usual hanging around the gates talking to the other mums. As we nattered this huge hydraulic cherry picker lorry thing slowly inched its way into the school playground. A van full of blokes in hard hats and flurescent jackets arrived shortly after. They all piled out of the van, and after a few minutes of blokish talking to the cherry picker driver and blokish pointing, and consulting bits of paper on clipboards, they deployed the cherry picker and two of them went for a ride. Up and up they went. Nowhere near any buildings, or pylons, or cables; just straight up into the air. One of the pair had a pair of binoculars and had a good look around - then they came down again.

The school is at the back of the village and is just about the highest building around. The playground is certainly the highest level space they could have set up their machine without having to demolish someone's garden or build something to stand it on. They must have had a good view of the whole area.

I left before they had finished coming back down again and before I succumbed to the temptation to go over and ask them what they were doing. I need more mysteries in my life. I would like to think they were lost and trying to find their way to the main road though I doubt it but I'll never know now.

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