Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There Will Be Bratz

Bratz™ the multi-ethnic bimbo dollies that have invaded our house recently, have strange, psychologically disturbing, weirdly detachable feet. Bratz™'s* shoes, unlike Barbie™'s infinitely losable shoe-shaped bits of plastic, are moulded onto their feet, so, when you want to change their outfit and have to have matching shoes to go with it (which if my limited watching of Sex and the City is to be believed, is possibly the MOST important thing in the Universe) then you have to change their feet.

Yesterday, when rearranging the clothing of her new dolls and swapping their feet to match, daughter number one discovered, that because Bratz are multi-ethnic and therefore have a wide variety of skin tones, when you swap their feet over they are often the wrong colour - leaving the dolls looking like they're wearing cheap pop socks under their Manolo Blahniks - or have been wading through bleach.

There is a roaring trade in spare Bratz feet on eBay.

*Sorry about the punctuation overload there but where do you put the apostrophe after Bratz™? Bratz' ? Bratz's. - Is Bratz singular? A Bratz? If so, is the plural Bratzs? The Bratz's shoes? Another reason to hate them.

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