Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daddy, Do You Want The Biggest, The Smallest, Or The In-The-Middlest?

It's bloody typical isn't it?

I nominate myself for a highly prestigious blogging award* and then, suddenly, out of the blue - nothing happens. For days now, since introducing my beloved family to an eager and waiting world, life has been so utterly uninteresting that the only thing worth mentioning has been the fact there is nothing worth mentioning.

The weather is balmy, the kids are being normal, I haven't tried to kill myself or cause myself grievous bodily harm in any humorous manner since the bonfire incident, the plumbers didn't turn up to finish (ie start) the upstairs bathroom for the umpteenth week in a row, nothing.
"There were no wrecks and nobody drownded,
'Fact, nothin' to laugh at at all!"


I am so tempted to write to Mr Lakeland again. (Though, after the dead end that was the Chemical Free Ant Stoppa Tape Saga(ette), I don't think there's really a lot of point.) Today, because I didn't immediately bin the catalogue as soon as it arrived a couple of weeks ago - and Merriol found it, there arrived in the post a large cardboard box containing many plasticy delights from Lakeland including:

Lakeland Ecoclean Bathroom Cleaner
- Spring Water Fragrance

I cannot wait to find out what water smells like.

*too subtle?

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