Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If The Sun Shone All Night Would The Potatoes Grow Any Faster?

Well the plumbers seem to have vanished again (it's Late Spring, I think they migrate) leaving is with a working toilet and sink. But without finishing off a couple of things. It's a very well ventilated working toilet and sink they've left us with, because they haven't filled the holes they bashed through the walls to feed the pipes out. Lots of daylight to be seen from inside - even if you don't stick your head down behind the toilet for a closer look. This hasn't been a real hardship as we are enjoying a spell of the hottest weather I can remember having around here for years: uninterrupted sunshine, picnic teas with the kids, the sides of the roads dusty and gritty - not covered in the usual sticky rain-sodden sludge, I have had a sudden urge to play boulle, drink Pshitt, and ride a moped. The weather feels very Southern and French. It's not like the normal, grey, sodden West Coast we all know, love, and endlessly moan about.

Just to add to the flavour, the other thing the plumbers haven't finished yet is the manhole where they joined the new drain onto the existing system.

All through this lovely, hot, sweltering, perfect summer weather - we have had an open sewer in the back garden.

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